Important Causes To Us

Cow Protection

We believe mankind’s responsibility is not limited to solely humanity but also to all life forms, especially animals. We therefore do not support the killing of animals for any purposes. The cow is considered to be favored by Lord Krishna Himself and our vision is to aid the world in creating ahimsa (non-violence) farms and dairies where cows (and all animals) are allowed to live out their lives and be treated with respect.

Health and well-being

Both Mental well-being and physical health is of upmost importance to us and is based on our philosophy of “simple living and high thinking”. Our aim is to educate and enliven others on how to live a holistic lifestyle. Our centre’s owned-and-operated Sweet Shop is a pure vegetarian take-away restaurant which has been in Nairobi since 1997.

Heritage of Culture and Art

ISKCON’s heritage is rooted in the ancient Vedic culture of India that is a plethora of wisdom in the arts, music, dance, cuisine and literature. This culture puts significance to the meaning and emotions behind artistic expression, and is intertwined with its philosophical underpinnings of devotion to God. Cultural showcases are presented at all our major events and festivals, and devotional expression is encouraged as a lifestyle.